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Best Price Guaranteed on our official website
Insotel Hotel Group

Best Price Guarantee

Insotel Hotel Group offers Best Price Guarantee.

We guarantee you will always get the lowest online price when you reserve a room through the official website ... or we'll match the lower online price.


Here's how it works:

Make a confirmed reservation through the official website

If you find a qualifying lower price for the same accommodation and dates and conditions on another websites within 24 hours after making your reservation, we will verify your claim and we will match the price.


If you have any questions about the Best Price Guaranteed Insotel Hotel Group, please contact us via e-mail to


Information and Bookings

Information and Bookings
Telephone from UK: 207 048 40 04
Telephone from other countries: +34 971 195 150
Address Central Office:
C/ Aragón, nº 71 - 07800 Ibiza (Baleares) - Spain